Tutorials and How To Videos

We sell many mobility scooters Troutman NC and support every one we sell, many of the products purchased from us are serviced onsite in our service center. No Excuse Medical are preferred vendors of Pride, Harmar, Med-Lift, and more.

Allen talks about our lift chair inventory

Assemble a Mobility Scooter

Eric assembles a mobility scooter

We service what we sell rather than have our customers deal with long and frustrating run-arounds from manufacturers. Let’s face it, manufacturers care more about the sale than the service, but not at No Excuse Medical. We have rental units available for services that take longer (waiting on parts). Customer service is our focal point and servicing the mobility scooters Troutman NC we sell is a big part of that.

Lift Chair Demonstration

Betty demonstrates a lift chair

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video has to be worth a million or more!  With that thought in mind, we have decided to feature our products on our YouTube channel, website, blog and social media feeds.  We encourage you to visit our Internet presence and send us feedback on our products and services.  We appreciate your visit and hope we answer some of your questions regarding our medical equipment products.

Medical lift chairs are a core product for our business, along with wheelchairs.  We take our chair lift products very seriously and stand behind every lift chair we sell.  We will never try to pressure sell or up sell you, we believe in educating our customers and fitting them to the right product, being a lift chair, wheelchair or any medical product we sell.

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