Chair Lift for Stairs Hickory

SL400 Stair Lift

Stair Lift Cost: $2695.00

How do you define affordable? Some believe that a lower cost for the same or similar item, others have a figure preset prior to their research. If you Google, chair lift for stairs Hickory, you will find a variety of prices. I promise to beat them all.

“I am a certified Harmar dealer, for over 20 years I have represented their products with full confidence in quality and service. Nobody can acquire Harmar products for a lesser rate than me! I guarantee the lowest cost on any Harmar stairlift.”Allen Brawley


The Vantage SL400 is a high quality stair lift at a very affordable rate. This chair lift has all the features and benefits of more expensive stairlifts, including all safety options. The seat folds neatly into an upright position to clear walking space on the staircase.Chair Lift for Stairs Hickory

The Vantage SL400 rail system is built on a rack-and-pinion structure, which is more dependable than a cable system. The circular gear works on the same principle as a vehicle steering wheel, providing a smooth transition from landing to landing. The rail system is encapsulated, this protects you and the rail from damage and keeps any debris contained and off your home.

Many stair lifts will accelerate on the downward travel, not the Vantage, the technology advanced chair lift has a governor to manage speeds, similar to the cruise control on a car. You will always be delivered to your destination, whether it be upstairs or downstairs, at a smooth, safe, and comfortable rate.

No power, no problem. The Vantage stairlift has a battery backup that will operate the lift during power outages. The charging systems are located at both top and bottom resting locations, keeping the batteries fully charged all the time. The Vantage can cycle from 15 to 20 lifts on the battery. Never be kept away from the comforts of your bedroom. Two wireless remote controls keep you, or you care giver in control of the stairlift at all times.


  • Professional Harmar Installation Included
  • Seat folds up for compact, 13.6″ profile
  • Fully-upholstered, modern seat adds comfort and style
  • Speed regulator ensures safe, smooth ride
  • Wireless remotes included

Safety Tip:

Always keep the seat in the upright (folded) position when at rest, to keep egress as unobstructed as possible.


Weight capacity 235 lbs.
Seat Rotation 90°
Seat size Seat: 19″ W x 18″ D
Back: 16.5 W x 9.5″ H
Speed 19 feet per minute
Incline limits 30 – 45 degrees
Download Owners Manual
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