How To Stay In The Home You Love With A Stair Lift

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You want to stay in your Charlotte, NC home as long as possible. If your home contains stairways, at some point you may find it difficult to safely climb up and down the stairs. You may be in the market for stair lift in Charlotte, NC. A stair lift allows you to continue using your stairs safely and comfortably, so you can stay in your home longer. Adaptations and mobility aids like a stair lift empower people to maintain their comfort and independence longer. Whether you need an indoor or outdoor stair lift the right model offers safety and peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

Top Stair Lift Benefits

A stair lift helps users avoid moving into a single floor home or even a nursing home. This means you can adapt the home you love so you can stay in it longer. Some practical stair lift benefits include:

  • As people age, they lose balance and stairs become more dangerous. A fall may cause serious injury or permanent loss of mobility. A stair lift prevents falls and accidents that can happen while using the stairs.
  • Climbing the stairs is very taxing and exerting. For people with knee injuries climbing stairs can be painful. Using a stair lift for stairs prevents over-exertion and pain when using the stairs.
  • For many users, a stair lift allows them to stay in their home longer rather than moving into a single floor home, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home. It preserves the quality of life and independence into the golden years.
  • Today’s stair lifts come in a range of colors and designs to suit any decor. The investment is small when compared to the cost of nursing home care or a comfortable assisted living facility.

Common And Unusual Types Of Stair Lifts

When shopping for different types of stair lifts in Charlotte, NC, one of the first things to consider is the size and shape of your staircase. For example, whether you have a straight staircase, or a more curved case narrows down your search for the right stair lift.

  • Seated stair lifts for straight staircases – this is one of the most common types of stair lifts that features a seated lift that takes you up a straight staircase.
  • Seated stair lifts for curved staircases – if you have a curved staircase, you may need a seated lift that follows the curve. This style can be more expensive since it sometimes requires a custom-made railing.
  • Outdoor stair lift – This kind of lift is made from sturdier, weather-resistant materials to help people travel from their home to their driveway, front yard, or backyard.

When selecting a staircase, choose the one appropriate for the home. In addition, different users have different needs.

Other Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Stair Lifts in Charlotte, NC

When selecting your stair lift, be sure to consider which lifts have controls that are easy for you to use. This may vary depending on whether you are right handed or left handed. Some stair lifts allow the user to set the controls on either side.

Comfort and durability are a couple more key considerations when choosing a stair lift in Charlotte, NC. The size of the user is one of the most important factors for both comfort and safety. Be sure to ask your representative how much weight the stair lift handles.

Other features that enhance comfort include footrests, armrests, and swivel seats. Safety features like seat belts, sensors, and breaks are important but sometimes overlooked.

One convenient feature many users need is a “call send” mechanism that sends the stair lift to the right floor. This is especially helpful if more than one person uses the stair lift.

As previously mentioned, consider whether you need a stair lift for indoor stairs or outside stairs.

Most stair lifts are battery powered requiring a charging cord to be plugged in at all times to maintain a battery charge. These lifts will still work with a power outage.

Safe Stair Lift Installation

Since safety and function are essential, hire a professional to install a new stair lift. The lift itself may cost a few thousand dollars, so it is well worth investing in a correct installation.

While exact details vary by the stair lift, installation follows a few simple concepts. The chair or perch travels along a rail kind of like a train track. The rail fastens to the stairs every 3 -4 feet for stability. Each mount has 4 screws to keep it secure. If you later remove the stair lift, you will see a hole on wooden, tile, or concrete stairs. The hole is easier to hide on carpeted stairs. Filling the hole makes it less visible.

Mobility aids, like stair lifts, create a safe and comfortable home environment. People who are aging or have disabilities maintain their freedom and independence longer. Also, loved ones experience peace of mind knowing an accident is less likely. All of these less tangible factors make a stair lift an affordable investment, especially when compared to the financial and emotional cost of a care home.

No Excuse Medical are the experts on stair lifts in the Charlotte, NC area. Contact us if you are considering a chair lift for stairs in your own or a loved one’s home.


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