AL690 Side Door Hybrid Platform Lift

Wheelchair Lifts Statesville

AL690 Side Door Hybrid Platform Lift

Scooter Lift Cost: $3,355.00

Platform lifts are available in many sizes, configurations, and options like inside the vehicle and outside the vehicle lift. Be an educated consumer, searching for wheelchair lifts Statesville will deliver a plethora of handicap lifts to your screen, and entice you into hours of research. Spend your time more wisely by calling or visiting our showroom!

“I will personally demonstrate any scooter lift and answer all your questions regarding mobility scooter lifts for cars.” Allen Brawley

Deemed the most user friendly wheelchair lifts available, the Harmar AL690 Hybrid Platform Lift delivers as advertised. It positions your scooter or power wheelchair closer to the minivan or SUV, and with one-button operation, lift your mobility device into the vehicle.

Easy to Use!

  1. Using your remote control, lower the lift platform until it reaches the ground and
    Wheelchair Lifts Statesville

    AL690 Hybrid Platform Lift

    becomes level.

  2. Drive the chair or scooter onto the platform so that the heaviest portion is closest to the lifting tower (this is usually under the drive wheels, motor(s) and battery locations). Most often this method requires the chair or scooter to be loaded in reverse, and unloaded driving forward. Set your chair or scooter speed control to slow speed to maneuver easily onto the platform.
  3. Each corner of the AL690 platform has a restraint attached, with a hook on the end. Place each hook in either the anchor plate slot or in each U-bolt. Pull the loose end of each restraint tight. To release, simply press the release tab and remove the hooks.
  4. If your chair has a folding seat back, you may want to place it in the down position for easier clearance when loading the chair into the vehicle. Depending on the size of your chair, you may need to remove the headrest as well.
  5. Double-check that the chair is secured properly on the platform. While holding the hand control, stand to the side and away from the lift. Press the “UP” button.
  6. The platform will rise and retract into the vehicle. When the platform stops retracting, release the button. The platform will automatically lock itself into travel position. Close the vehicle door slowly, making sure that no part of the chair or other objects in the cargo area contact the door.


  • Carries most standard power chairs and shorter scooters
  • Weatherproof, remote hand control (wireless option available)
  • No drilling required on most vehicles; connects to existing 2nd row seat hardware
  • No power chair or scooter modifications required
  • Third row seat spared in most applications
  • Delivers power chair or scooter close to the driver or passenger door
  • Works with most minivans and SUVs
  • Made in the USA

Safety Tip:

Avoid pinch points when operating the power wheelchair lift, keep your hands and feet away from the platform.


Lifting Capacity 275 lbs.
Platform Size 17″-28″ adjustable width; 38″ length
Headroom Required 32″
Depth required 55″ Maximum
Platform height 4.5″ Maximum (dead space)
Vertical reach 33.5″
Warranty 3-Year Transferable
Download the Owners Manual
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