AL435 Axis Inside Lift

Scooter Lifts Cornelius

AL435 Axis Inside Lift

Scooter Lift Cost: $3,250.00

Scooter lifts are available in a variety of styles, but there are two main types of handicap lifts, outside the vehicle and inside the automobile. Understand that a search for scooter lifts Cornelius will return thousands of results, but the quality inside scooter lift is available here at No Excuse Medical.

“I am more than an advocate for the Harmar AL425, I’m a user!”Allen Brawley 

Scooter Lifts Cornelius

Harmar AL435 Inside Scooter Lift

Most people prefer to protect their mobility scooter investment by transporting it inside their SUV, the Harmar AL435 is a boom lift that mounts inside your vehicle, uses a powerful boom to safely and easily lift the heavy-duty scooters. The boom rotates and extends to connect to the mobility device and gently lift and rotate to position into the cargo section of your auto. The wireless key fob controller empowers the user without bulky wires.

Versatility, ease of use and peace of mind are the key attributes of this lift. It can easily be installed into most vans, trucks, minivans and small utility vehicles; such as the Chrysler PT Cruiser. We provide full, warranted installation in 1-day or less. We staff multiple professional installers to ensure your inside lift is safe and ready to use as advertised.


  • Fully-powered lifting, boom arm and rotation for effortless loading
  • Only 30” of headroom required
  • The lift is adjustable with a variety of interchangeable sub-bases, to allow for faster installations in more applications
  • Offset post allows the mobility device to be safely unloaded on the side of the vehicle
  • Installs on either side of vehicle
  • Weather resistant hand control (wireless option available)
  • Docking device included
  • Universal sub base included; custom upgrades available

Safety Tip:

Confirm the lifting strap is secured and taut before lifting the scooter, the strap should point straight down. Otherwise, the scooter can swing possibly damaging the vehicle, scooter or the operator.


Max. Lifting Capacity 400 lbs.
Installed Weight 76 lbs.
Maximum Lifting Height 39″ at Horizontal Boom Position
Minimum Lifting Height 31″ at Horizontal Boom Position
Range of Boom Adjustment Powered from 21″ -31.8″
Arm Angle Adjustment 5 Degree Increments from Horizontal to 35+
Column Rotation 180 Degree Adjustments at +/- 20 Degree Increments
Base Leg Adjustment 180° Total Adjustment
Download the Owners Manual

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