AL100 Universal Scooter Lift

Scooter Lifts Statesville

AL100 Universal Scooter Lift

Scooter Lift Cost: $1,775.00

The AL100 Universal Scooter Lift is one of today’s most popular outside scooter lifts Statesville. The unique hold-down foot automatically secures virtually any scooter without any necessary scooter modifications. This fully automatic lift offers effortless operation with a 350-pound lifting capacity.

Scooter Lifts Statesville


This is the standard for which all other mobility scooters and wheelchair lifts are measured. It’s capable of safely transporting practically all medical mobility equipment.

The automatic hold down foot is adjustable, to secure a variety of transport wheelchairs on the handicap lift. No modification to your scooter or wheelchair is needed. Also included with this platform lift is the manual crank backup and license plate mounting system.

Option for swing-away available to easily access the cargo area of an SUV or the trunk of a car.

Harmar Scooter Lifts are
Proudly Made in the USA!


Safety Tip:

Know the weight of your scooter, including any added accessories. Exceeding the rated weight allowance on a scooter lift may compromise the integrity of the lift and the safety of your scooter as you travel.


Lifting Capacity 350 lbs.
Aluminum deck size 27.5″ X 39″, adjustable cradle extends up to 47”
Installed Weight 83 lbs.
Hitch Height (range) 5″-18″
Hitch Class II or greater
Warranty 3-Year Transferable
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