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Harmar AL500

Harmar AL500

This weeks featured product is the Harmar AL 500 series Universal Power Chair Lift.  Harmar’s durable, American-made AL500 Universal Power Chair Lift is the worlds most popular outside platform lift.  The AL500 is easy to operate and built to last for years of trouble-free use. The universal design safely transports the power chair without making any chair modifications.

Due to its functionality, durability and outstanding quality features the Harmar AL500 Power Wheelchair lift is easily among the most popular outside lifts available.  The lift extends just 12″ behind the bumper while the deck is unloaded and in its folded position.  It also has a “Swing Away” option that provides easy access to the trunk or lift gate of just about any vehicle.  With this feature, just add 2″ more to its back extension length.

The AL500 will secure just about any power chair using its automatic retractors.  The retractors can be added one of two ways.  Using a spreader bar that slides between the seat and post is the most common way.  However if there is no seat post, metal loops that attach to the chair frame are used.  Either way only a few ounces of weight are added to the chair, and both methods have been tested to allow complete safety and security.

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Allen Brawley
No Excuse Medical


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