PR-355 Monarch

Power Lift Recliners LKN

Golden PR-355 Monarch

Lift Chair cost: $720.00

The PR-355 Monarch lift chair is one of our most affordable power lift recliners LKN. When you are on a tight budget and the big name lift recliners are too expensive, we have a lift chair for you!

“I love to help people find that “right” lift chair, whether it be the fit or the price, I have the lift chair for you.”Allen Brawley 

The Monarch will provide hours of comfort and relaxation, while enabling the user to be lifted upright on demand. The seamed back upholstery is traditionally attractive, which leaves no question to the style.Power Lift Recliner LKN

Quality is built in from the ground up. From the hardwood frame, to the steel springs, padding and upholstery, not to mention the mechanism for lifting, this is a high quality piece of furniture.

Golden lift chairs are proudly made in the USA.

The 3 way recline system provides all the relaxing positions needed. This recliner is available in size medium and large, medium for individuals up to 5’10” tall.

The lift and recline can be halted at any time with the release of the action button, thus offering an unimaginable array of sitting positions. The Monarch has intelligent technology and a patent pending, diagnostic system.

Safety Tip:

Keep the lift remote in its stable position when not lifting or reclining the chair, to avoid unintentional lifts.



Model Specs


Overall Height


Overall Width


Wall Hugger


Distance from Wall


Seat depth


Seat height from floor


Arm Covers


Headrest Cover


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Owners Manual
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