Lift Chairs

Medical lift chairs are a core product for our business, along with wheelchairs.  We take our chair lift products very seriously and stand behind every lift chair we sell.  We will never try to pressure sell or up sell you, we believe in educating our customers and fitting them to the right product, being a lift chair, wheelchair or any medical product we sell.

In this video, our owner Allen Brawley talks about our policy with lift chair customers.  We are very adamant that the lift chair you want is in stock and no catalog is necessary to make a purchase.  We carry over 15 different lift chairs in stock at all times; this allows us to provide a lift chair for any man, woman or child:

  • Tall Men or Women
  • Petite Women, Men or Children
  • Heavy Duty for larger adults

If you like a lift chair model in our showroom, but prefer a different color or fabric, we can custom order it and have it DELIVERED FREE in 7 or 8 days!

Lift Chair Repairs

We service what we sell and lift chairs we didn’t sell too.  If you have a lift chair that is inoperable, regardless of where you bought it, we will service it.  Many lift chair repairs require a seat spring replacement or motor replacement.  We always use factory replacement motors recommend by the manufacturer to ensure proper functionality.

If the frame is broken, our service manager Eric can repair or replace most broken wood parts.  If the repair is going to be more expensive than the chair is worth, we will communicate it with the customer prior to the repair.

Lift Chair Brands

  • Pride
  • Med-Lift
  • Golden Technologies

We specialize in lift chairs in several popular brands, models and fabrics.  We keep the most popular lift chairs in stock and always provide free delivery of any lift chair to your home.


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