Lift Chairs 54 Series

Lift Chairs Cornelius

     Med-Lift Lift Chair  54 Series

Lift Chair Cost: $1,439.00

We show, sell, deliver and install lift chairs Cornelius, try it before you buy it at No Excuse Medical. The Med-Lift 5400 series of 3 position lift chairs are exceptional for limited spaces, a true “wall-hugger” that allows full recline while positioned only 3” from the wall. Visit our showroom to “sit-test” and feel the quality difference between a variety of power lift recliners.

“The 54 is one of our best-selling power lift chairs, the quality and warranty is above industry average.”Allen Brawley

Lift Chairs Cornelius

Med-Lift 54 Series Lift Chair

Comfort is the main reason to purchase a power lift chair, the 54 Series provides outstanding comfort with measurements of; Seat to floor 20.5”, seat width and depth approximately 21”, backrest height from seat 27”, and the end of the footrest to the rear of the seat 40”. Pillow dimensions: 20″W x 13″H x 4″ thick. These measurements, along with the 375 lb. weight capacity, ensure a comfortable and durable lift chair.

The 54 series is a 3-position power lift recliner, rated for a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds, it will not lie completely flat. Recliners are categorized by 3 types: 2-position, 3-position, and infinite position.

  • 2-position will recline 15° and the back does not move independently
  • 3-position will go from the sitting position, to the 15° recline, and the 45° reclined setting. The back does not move independently
  • Infinite position can recline to any position up to 90°

Med-Lift is a high quality manufacturer of power lift chairs. The 54 Series frame is made from kiln-dried oak and hardwood, every connection point is fastened with steel and wood glue, steel nails are used for additional support at every stress point of the lift chair. Corner blocks are used throughout the chair at all critical points for added strength. An extra chair rail is used across the top of the seat back to ensure that the back remains straight and square. Double locking, aircraft grade quality nuts, not lag screws, are used to sturdily connect the mechanism to the frame.

Med-Lift provides a limited lifetime warranty on the hardwood frame, reclining hardware and lifting mechanism, the remaining aspects; upholstery, cushion, springs, etc. has a 4-year warranty. Battery back-up is standard on this model, except with the upgrades of 2 or 4 Vibration/Heat. We are a full-service Med-Lift lift chair recliner dealer, providing warranty service on request. We stand behind all our medical products.

Standard Features:

  • Coil Seat
  • Low Volt Quiet Motor
  • Fiber Filled Back
  • Acella-Flex Foam Seating
  • 5 No-Sag Seat Springs


  • 2 Vibration/Heat
  • 4 Vibration/Heat
  • Movable Infrared Heat

Safety Tip:

After cleaning under and around the lift chair, return the chair to the sitting position, never leave the electric lift chair in the upright positon.


Model Specs


Overall Height


Overall Width


Back height from seat


Width between arms


Seat depth


Seat height from floor


Reclined height of footboard


Reclined length (back of seat to end of footboard)


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