How To Operate A Lift Chair


More than just googling Lift Chairs Mooresville, watch our video and see for yourself.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video has to be worth a million or more!  With that thought in mind, we have decided to feature our products on our YouTube channel, website, blog and social media feeds. We encourage you to visit our Internet presence and send us feedback on our products and services.  We appreciate your visit and hope we answer some of your questions regarding our medical equipment products.

In this video, we feature Betty, our office managers (my wife) grandmother.  Betty is 87 years old in this video and enjoys life to the fullest even though mobility is sometimes an issue.  That’s where we step in to help!

Lift Chairs Mooresville

The lift chair Betty is demonstrating is a Med-Lift 5300 Series.  Notice how easily and comfortably she can maneuver the chair to maximize her comfort level.  Every person has unique positions of comfort, our lift chairs provide ease of use for watching television, relaxing and taking a nap.

Betty begins the video with the lift chair in its normal down position, as she raises the lift chair to the exit or standing position, it’s a smooth transition that easily enables her to stand comfortably and safely.  Next, she shows us how the lift chair will extend the leg rest and recline into the lounge position.  All this is done with a control pad that is very easy to use.

We specialize in lift chairs Mooresville, we stock several popular brands, models and fabrics.  We always provide free delivery of any lift chair to your home.

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