Invacare Full-Electric Bed 5410

Hospital Beds Mooresville

Invacare Full-Electric Bed 5410

Hospital Bed Cost: $1,759.00

Your search for hospital beds Mooresville is over! The Invacare Full-Electric Bed offers the greatest convenience for the patient and caregiver. Position your knees and upper body to the absolute most comfortable position with the pendant control. With the simple press of a button, the adjustable bed will move smoothly and effortlessly into a plethora of positions, one certain to make you comfortable for a night’s sleep, chat with friends, eating a meal or watching television. The controller also empowers you to raise the height of the adjustable bed base.Hospital Beds Mooresville

Our most popular reclining bed, the fully-electric 5410 easy to use and safe to transfer into and out of. This medical bed meets the FDA Guidelines for bed rail entrapment.

CDRH reports that about 2.5 million hospital beds are in use in the United States. The center regulates these beds as medical devices.

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  • Scratch resistant, durable, high impact end panels help keep the unit stable and are easily cleaned if soiled or used with multiple patients. Universal bed ends can be used as either the headboard or foot board on the bed
  • Rubber, non-marring, locking casters reduce slip and prevent marking on the floor
  • Quiet motor operation and fast cycle time on lowering the height of bed allow for efficient bed set-up. A motor system with waterproof enclosures is rated IP66. Color-coded connections on junction box for easier maintenance
  • Ergonomic hand pendant comes with durable strain relief and heavy-duty cord. Waterproof casing for easy cleaning. Conveniently attaches to bed sheet with clip or rail with hand pendant cradle (sold separately)
  • Hand pendant cradle available for convenient storage of hand pendant model # 26975. Interchangeability simplifies storage, reduces inventory complexity

Safety Tip:

Every component of the in-home, hospital bed, must properly fit together: the frame, mattress, rails, and all add-on accessories. Gaps can create unsafe spaces and pinch points for the patient.


Dimensions: 88″ (L) x 15″-23″ (H) x 36″ (W)
Sleep Surface: 80″ (L) x 36″ (W)
Product Weight Capacity: 450 lb.
Patient Weight Capacity: 350 lb.
Code Approval: Regulatory Standard: UL962, CSA Certified
Warranty: 5 Years Welds
2 Years on Mechanical/Electrical
Download the: Owners Manual
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