Go Go Ultra X

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Go Go Ultra X

Scooter Cost: 3 Wheel: $879.00

Scooter Cost: 4 Wheel: $979.00

If you are searching the internet for Power Scooters Statesville, and you’re seeking an affordable, easy to transport scooters, the Go-Go Ultra X is your next motorized scooter!

Easy to Transport in a Sedan and a Compact car.

“Our customers  love the Ultra X because it’s lightweight and very easy to transport in the trunk of their car.”Allen Brawley Power Scooters Statesville

Available in 3-wheel and 4-wheel models, the Ultra X have the unique ability to quickly disassemble into five lightweight pieces. Imagine how much easier life would be without the frustration of limited mobility. That’s what the Ultra X delivers!

Both models have the storage basket and are capable of transporting you up to 7.2 miles on a full charge. The batteries can be charged with the on-board charger or removed and charged in any convenient outlet.

The heaviest piece is the front section at 34 pounds, the batteries drop into a battery box and weigh only 9 pounds each (two batteries are required). You can easily place the 5 pieces of this mobility scooter in the trunk of a sedan model vehicle.



  • Feather-touch disassembly easily disassembles into 5 lightweight pieces for transport and storage
  • 260 lbs. Weight capacity
  • Pride’s exclusive black, non-scuffing tires
  • Stable, front-frame mounted seat post
  • A standard front basket provides storage
  • Speeds up to 4 MPH
  • Off-board dual voltage charger can easily charge battery pack on-board or off-board

Testing Standards:

  • Meeting and Exceeding High Standards for your Peace of Mind.
  • Your Pride product has undergone thorough product testing to ensure safety, durability and performance.
  • Our power chairs, scooters and lift chairs are Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved medical products that require specific testing prior to release for public use.
  • The testing requirements accepted by the FDA were developed by the American National Standards Institute/Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society of North America (ANSI/RESNA).
  • The tests are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the ANSI/RESNA Test Standards and complement an additional stringent testing regiment developed by Pride’s Research & Development Team.
  • All products have passed, and in many cases, exceeded test criteria set forth, assuring the high level of quality synonymous with Pride.

Safety Tip:

A 4-wheel scooter will be more stable than a 3-wheel scooter. Ask us any scooter question, we will always do our best to provide you with honest, accurate answers.


Model Ultra X 3-Wheel Ultra X 4-Wheel
Model Number SC40X SC44X
Front Tires 2″ x 8″ Solid 2″ x 7″ Solid
Rear Tires 2.5″ x 8″ Solid 2.5″ x 8″ Solid
Maximum Speed* Up to 4 mph Up to 4 mph
Ground Clearance 1.3″ at mid-frame 1.3″ at mid-frame
Turning Radius** 33″ 44″
Overall Length** 37″ 39.5″
Overall Width of Base** 19.5″ 19.5″
Seat-to-Ground Height Range 18..25″-20.25″ 18.25″-20.25″
Seat Type Compact, Foldable (17″x 17″) Compact, Foldable (17″x 17″)
Weight** 76 lbs. 80 lbs.
Seat-to-Deck Height Range 15.75″-17.25″ 15.75″-17.25″
Battery Weight 9 pounds each, Two 12AH batteries 9 pounds each, Two 12AH batteries
Battery Requirements (2)12AH (2)12AH
Maximum Range Per Charge* Up to 6.9 miles Up to 7.2 miles
Battery Charger Off-board, 2A Off-board, 2A
Maximum Weight Capacity 260 lbs. 260 lbs.
Standard Body Colors Red Red
Weight of Heaviest Piece** 29 lbs (Front Section) 34 lbs. (Front Section)
Warranty Lifetime limited on the frame
2-year limited on the electronics
2-year limited on the drive train
Lifetime limited on the frame
2-year limited on the electronics
2-year limited on the drive train
Download the Owners Manual

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