What Kind of Lift Do You Need? A Vehicle Lift Comparison

If you recently invested in a mobility scooter or power chair, chances you need a wheelchair lift for your vehicles. Choosing the right lift may seem daunting, so we hope this overview and comparison guide informs you about some of the different types of vehicle lifts on the market.

Whether you need a scooter lift, a power chair lift or a wheelchair lift for your vehicles, No Excuse Medical has you covered! Before choosing a vehicle lift, first, consider all the types of vehicle lifts for sale.

Wheelchair Lift

Wheelchair users need a lift to get in and out of vehicles. Whether you drive an SUV, van, or a truck there is a range of lifts available that fit your vehicle assuming it isn’t too compact to fit your chair or scooter.

Some lifts are an interior mount, while others are exterior. The right choice depends on how you transport your device and the type of car.

  • An interior lift is compact and fits within the car
  • An exterior lift is mounted outside the car and may include a sturdy platform lift. A platform lift may be helpful if the lift needs to carry both the chair and the user. For example, some install platform lifts in their van for this very purpose.

Some are manually operated while others are power-operated. The best depends on your budget and other considerations. Some require drilling into your vehicle and installing wiring for the power source.

Some types of wheelchair lifts for vehicles include:

  • Boom Lift: These lifts are similar to a crane and lift a wheelchair or small mobility scooter for rear storage. Drivers of trucks and some sedans tend to prefer boom lifts.
  • Inside Platform Lifts: This option works well for SUVs and vans Power wheelchair lift for vehiclesince it uses existing third-row seat hardware. These lifts are fully powered, so they don’t require manual operation.
  • Outside Manual Platform Lift: As previously mentioned, this is one of the lifts people imagine since they are on the outside of the vehicle and are one of the oldest styles of lift. They tend to be affordable since they are manually operated.
  • Outside Power Platform Lift: These are similar to the manual lift except they are powered so they don’t require physical labor to operate. They often feature safety features like straps.
  • Hybrid Platform Lift: These offer the benefits of both the platform lift and boom lift.

Mobility Scooter Lift

A mobility scooter offers comfort, safety, and improves quality of life. They can also require specialized equipment to lift and store them in vehicles for travel.

A hybrid platform lift is another great option for scooters as it combines the benefits of a platform with a sleeker design. Scooter users also appreciate the drive on and drive off convenience.

In addition to a scooter or wheelchair lift, make sure you have a secure carrier for your mobility device! After all, your scooter deserves to ride securely and safely.

How to Choose the Right Lift

Now that you know a little about the range of available styles of lifts, it is time to choose the right lift for your needs. The first step is to speak with a professional such as a sales representative who knows about all the latest options.

Discuss whether you need a lift for your chair or your scooter. Since you need a model that fits your vehicle, be sure to mention the type of car you drive as well. Comfort and ease of use are also essential criteria to discuss.

Finally, here are seven questions or considerations to help you make your final selection:

  1. The internet offers a range of resources as you can browse reader reviews and reviews from trusted publications like Consumer Reports.
  2. Note whether the lift’s width and dimensions fit your wheelchair or scooter.
  3. Note whether the lift fits your car, truck, or van.
  4. Does the lift require assistance from a caregiver? Choose correctly for your needs.
  5. How easy is it to onboard or offboard from the lift?
  6. How will you store your scooter or wheelchair during transport? Will you keep your device inside the car or mount it outside? This may influence your choice of lift.
  7. How easy will it be to install the lift in your vehicle? For example, if you have a van you may have different installation options than someone with a Sudan.


The process of selecting a scooter or wheelchair lift doesn’t have to be daunting. No Excuse Medical is Charlotte, NC’s expert on mobility and accessibility devices like vehicle lifts. Contact us today to learn the best options for your needs, lifestyle, and budget.



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