Choosing The Best Power Wheelchair For YOU

pronto m94

pronto m94

There are different types of power wheelchairs, some are driven by a mid-wheel drive system and others are driven by a rear-wheel drive system.  There are some distinct advantages and disadvantages of both types.  Educating our power wheelchair customers is an important factor for us; we try to help you never buy more than you need while ensuring you purchase the right power wheelchair for you.

First, you need to know where the wheelchair is going to be used frequently, is it strictly for indoor use or maybe you want to be able to use it in both indoors and outdoors.  For indoor use, the mid-wheel drive system is what we recommend; it offers the best maneuverability which means the turn radius is much smaller than that of a rear-wheel drive system.  One of the disadvantages of a mid-wheel drive system is that is that the weight distribution can be les even making this a less stable power wheelchair than other power wheelchair models.

Rear-wheel drive systems being more stable, they make the best option for outdoor use or carrying higher than average weight capacities.  This line of chair will easily load on a vehicle lift.  The disadvantage is the turn radius is larger than the mid-wheel chairs.

Choosing the best wheel chair to fit the users’ needs is very important because our goal is to make getting around an easier task as well as making sure the person is safe.  Most all power wheel chairs have a very simple and easy to use joystick that the person uses to steer themselves with. These chairs move gracefully in any direction and are very smooth, so there are not sudden jerks or uncomfortable/unexpected movements.


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