Backpacker AVP 2.0

Platform Lifts in Statesville

Harmar Backpacker AVP 2.0

Scooter Lift Cost: $3,299.00

If you’re looking for platform lifts in Statesville, and prefer one that will protect and conceal your scooter or power wheelchair inside your SUV, the Backpacker AVP 2.0 is the scooter lift for you.

Power chairs and mobility scooters are an expensive investment, protecting that mobility device and ensuring its safety is paramount. The wireless remote allows you to secure your scooter hands free, and loading is as easy as driving onto the platform, it also features a manual override for emergency situations.

“We provide complete installation and warranty every scooter lift we install.”Allen Brawley

The Backpacker mounts to the 3rd row seating latches, no drilling or damage to your SUV. It uses a single power source, no drain on your vehicle’s battery, and is completely removable for recharging at a standard wall outlet. The low battery notification reminds you when it’s time for a re-charge.Platform Lifts in Statesville

Safety features include a rear hatch sensor that disables the scooter lift to avoid pinch point accidents. The unit can be locked out with the remote to prevent use from unauthorized individuals.


  • Wireless and wired remotes for effortless operation
  • Easily secure mobility product with built-in securement strap
  • Puddle Light for Platform Illumination in Low-Light Settings
  • Platform adjusts from 42″ – 34″ for some SUVs
  • Wheel chocks adjust to accommodate different sized mobility units
  • Manual override
  • Lifts both scooters or power wheelchairs

Safety Tip:

Subjecting the lift system to the strain of lifting more that it is designed to may cause it to fail, resulting in damage to the mobility product and/or injury to the lift operator.


Lifting Capacity 350 lbs.
Platform Size 42 x 34″
Base Weight 193 lbs.
Max. Product Width 27″
Usable Surface 41″ x 33″
Max. Travel Distance from the Ground 37″
Power 12 volt DC
Warranty 3-Year Transferable
Download the Owners Manual
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