AL835 Wheelchair Lift for a Truck

Wheelchair Lift for a Truck

AL835 Wheelchair Lift for a Truck

Scooter Lift Cost: $3,145.00

Handicapped pickup truck lovers need not leave their mobility devices behind, we have the AL835 wheelchair lift for a truck. This lift mounts in the bed of your truck and can easily place your scooter or power chair safely in your truck cargo area.

Harmar made the AL835 strong enough to lift heavier chairs and scooters. Two commercial grade electric motors, controlled by a cordless remote, gently lifts with the anti-rotate strap from the driver and/or passenger side of the vehicle.

“We professionally install all scooter lifts, submit all warranty information, we are a full-service lift sales and installation facility.”Allen Brawley

Ease of use is the most appreciated feature of the power chair lift. The remote only has a few buttons and the strap attaches quickly and effortlessly to the scooter or chair. The remote control is fully functional from the cab of the truck.Wheelchair Lift for a Truck

We can mount the lift on either side of the truck bed, and the boom is adjustable from 34″ – 41″ in height and from 28.75″ – 46.5″ in length to accommodate a variety of trucks. The dual-strapped hooks prevent your scooter or wheelchair from spinning during loading and unloading.

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  • Delivers chair close to the driver or passenger side door
  • Powered lifting and rotation
  • Only two motors to control with remote hand control
  • Mounts on either side of the vehicle
  • Docking device included

Safety Tip:

Check regularly for any worn, loose or damaged parts on your lift. If you observe any issues, do NOT use the lift. Contact your dealer or installer to make repairs. Failure to act may result in severe injury.


Accommodates Standard and Extended Cab Trucks
Mobility Devices Power chairs and Scooters
Adjustable  Boom Height 34″ – 41″
Adjustable  Boom Length 28.75″ – 46.5″
Lifting Weight Capacity 350 pounds
Adjustable Rotation Limit Yes
Warranty 3-Year Transferable
Installed Weight 116 pounds
Download the Owners Manual
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