AL600 Hybrid Platform Lift

Wheelchair Lifts Mooresville

AL600 Hybrid Platform Lift

Scooter Lift Cost: $2,775.00

Convenience is the key word when searching for wheelchair lifts Mooresville. The Harmar AL600 combines ease of use, with affordability, to offer an inside the vehicle scooter lift that will fit most vehicles.

Wheelchair Lifts Mooresville

Harmar AL600 Wheelchair Lift

This lift is very compact, and will enable continued use of the second row seating in SUV’s.”Allen Brawley

Platform lifts allow the user to drive on and drive off, all the while storing your mobility device outside the vehicle, the AL600 is a hybrid platform that stores inside the vehicle. Drive on, strap down your scooter carrier to the carrier lift, use the remote control to gently lift and store your scooter or power wheelchair inside your vehicle. Includes easy-turn handles, weight-distributing handle bar for easy removal and replacement.

If you own a smaller vehicle, Harmar offers an EZ Detach Seatback accessory to transform your electric wheelchair into a more compact profile. The EZ Detach can position most power chairs into small cargo areas.

We attach the AL600 to the seat mounts in minivans, station wagons, SUV’s and some crossovers. We do not need to drill holes in the floor of your vehicle to mount this platform lift.


  • Carries virtually all standard power chairs and scooters– no mobility device modifications required
  • Most compact unit on the market– requires just 43″ of depth!
  • Allows continued use of second row seating; no drilling required on most vehicles
  • Manual crank backup
  • Weatherproof, remote hand control (wireless option available)
  • Ideal for most minivans, SUVs, and crossovers
  • Made in the USA

Safety Tip:

Never attempt to lift the scooter while occupied by the user, this lift has a lift capacity of 350 pounds maximum.


Lifting Capacity 350 lbs.
Platform Size 28.5″ x 38″-50″
Headroom Required 32″
Depth required 43″ Maximum
Range of Boom Adjustment Powered from 21″ -31.8″
Platform height 5.5″ Maximum (dead space)
Vertical reach 33.5″
Warranty 3-Year Transferable
Download the Owners Manual
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