Affordable Power Wheelchairs: The Pronto M94

Power Wheelchair

Power Wheelchair

I’m very discriminatory about the products we offer in our showroom.  It’s very important that every customer gets treated fairly and with respect when shopping at No Excuse Medical.  I want you to have a very pleasant experience when shopping with us.  Education is the key to a valuable purchase; I wish to educate my customers on the countless styles and choices available for their purchase.  I never upsell any product we carry.  I will discuss the purchase thoroughly to fit the right product to the person.

Power Wheelchairs are very convenient; they provide ease of use for almost anyone and enable the user to navigate around their home.  We offer a power wheelchair that will fit your need and your budget.

The Pronto M94 with patent-pending Stability Lock technology that ensures the chair will remain stable over the toughest terrain. Sharing the same footprint as the Pronto M91, the M94 has the desired maneuverability for comfortable indoor use without sacrificing rugged outdoor capability.

The M94 features SureStep technology that makes negotiating thresholds and transitions of up to two inches high effortless. The M94 utilizes the MKV NX 80 controller standard with an option to upgrade to the MKV EX, giving the consumer precise, confidence-inspiring control. The innovative features paired with its sleek styling make the Pronto M94 a truly exceptional power chair for consumers up to 500 pounds.

We provide numerous models of power wheelchairs and have demos available for a “Test Drive” in our showroom.  If you are looking for a power wheelchair, I encourage you to call or stop by our showroom for a free, no hassle shopping experience.

We keep Power Wheelchairs IN-STOCK for a Demo test ride @ our Showroom!


Allen Brawley
No Excuse Medical


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